Victoria Secret Model’s Diet Routines Revealed

Every woman wants to follow Victoria Secret Model’s Diet to get a slimmer attractive body shape. It is the dream of every woman to get an attractive figure for wearing their desired stylish outfits. The women who have seen perfect body shapes of Victoria Secret Models, always desire to know what these well-shaped models eat and what diet they take to get this amazing figure that has a fit waist and lean legs. There is no fat on their stomach or cheekbones. Here you will find the diet plans of two top-ranking models of Victoria Secrets.
Miranda Kerr’s Meal Plan
When Miranda Kerr discussed her diet plan she explained how much she loves to eat healthy food, carbohydrates and low fat foods. She takes the sufficient amount of calories for a healthier body and to maintain her body’s excellent shape. Breakfast – The diet of Miranda Kerr at breakfast time includes the low fats diet. Breakfast includes a large quantity of yogurt and a bowl full of a seasonal fresh fruit salad. She explains that she prefers yogurt, but sometimes she replaces it with muesli and three avocados with two or three slices of rye toast. She loves to eat boiled eggs for breakfast too.  Snacks – In snacks she does not eat oily items or the items rich with fats. She prefers to drink green tea and eat almonds in large quantity because nuts are always good for a healthier body.  Lunch – According to Miranda Kerr, she eats a very light and low fat diet for lunch. She does not eat oily items. She loves to eat crisp breads with tuna salad and a glass of fresh lemonade or sometimes dandelion tea. Dinner – Miranda Kerr advises women to eat a heavier dinner at least three hours before going to bed. Miranda Kerr’s dinner includes a bowl full of vegetable salad and two pieces of tuna fish in roasted form and sometimes she prefers eating roasted pumpkins and a cup of green tea.
The fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are integral part of Victoria Secret Model’s Diet. They avoid from eating oily and processed foods that will only add more fats and calories to their bodies.
Marisa Miller’s Diet
Marisa has an ideal body shape due to her low calorie diet. She does not like high fats diets. If she is working out before taking her breakfast she prefers to drink only protein shakes or fresh fruits juices. Sometimes she takes green tea with ginger. According to her, ginger works finely to boost the metabolism and metabolism helps to burn calories quicker. She also reveals her daily meal plan. Her diet plan for breakfast is: yogurt, almond milk, soy milk, fruit salad, a few almonds or sometimes protein or fruit shakes. Lunch – She eats fresh vegetables salad mixed in lemon juice or spinach soup and tuna fish only. Dinner – She loves to eat fruit salad, roasted fish, and a glass of skimmed milk for a better health and excellent body shape.
The conclusion of the discussion is that when Victoria Secret Model’s Diet plans are revealed, every woman can get an amazing body shape by following them.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I have had the dream of becoming a Victoria Secret model ever since I was five years old. I have been modeling for a few years now with Wilhelmina. Hope I get a change to model for Victoria Secret at some point! High Hopes!

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