Playboy Model Application Process

Many young ladies grow up dreaming of becoming a model. Depending on the modeling niche they choose can determine if they will have success. Only the ladies who have self confidence and pride in their looks dream of being a model for Playboy. But even when you have confidence you still need to know, what to expect from the Playboy model application process.

Playboy makes it easy for any individual to become a Playboy model by applying through the internet. You can easily access an application form online and upload the required photographs with the application. Can it be any easier than that? The photos do not even have to be shot by a professional. This helps provide an equal opportunity to anyone wanting to apply even if they do not have the access to a professional photographer.

One item you must submit with your application is a photo identification. You can make a photocopy of the identification card and scan it in to your computer. Then when you fill out the Playboy model application you can upload the copy of the identification card. This id is to prove that you are at least eighteen years old and therefore allowed by law to be a model for Playboy. A drivers license or state identification card would be best to use as proof of your age.

One photograph you are required to submit must be a head and shoulder shot. This will provide a close view of your facial characteristics. The photo must be clear and in focus. One suggestion would be to avoid having any shadows falling on your face in the photo. This is the one close up view the selection committee will have to judge your facial beauty, clearness of skin, and lack of wrinkles. So you want to make sure the view of the face is without any dark shadows.

You are also required to submit full length body shots with the application. These pictures must be shot of you in the nude. You must have full body shots of both front and back views of your body in the nude. You must submit at least four full length nude photographs but you can send in six. Since one pose might look more pleasing than another the more photos for the committee to see the better. But you cannot exceed six phtos.

Once you complete the application and upload the photo identification card and your required photographs just hit submit. Then you are done with the submission process. It may take a few weeks to hear a response from Playboy in regards to your application.

Did you ever imagine that your dream job would be this easy to apply for? No expensive clothes needed for the required photographs. No professional photographer required for the shots you submit. Just your own beauty shining through will help you get the job. An email address is provided online for any further questions you may have in regards to being a Playboy model.


  1. melonie smith says:

    Would like to know how to get start with playboy and become one of the models

  2. rubel says:

    I want to be a model…I have buch of photos on my face book …so kindly check it ..:). …my number 9560002801 Delhi .msg me or email..I will revert..

  3. melonie says:

    Its not a comment but I would like to become one of your models and would like to know hours I would go about it. 31

  4. sagar says:

    I want to become world’s top model

  5. sagar says:

    I wanna become model

  6. Le'Tima Washington says:

    Hi, I’m really interested in modeling. Playboy, commercial, fashion shows. Thanks!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I can be a plane boy girl

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